beating the heat

It’s always easier to be motivated and determined when you first start something, but I will still take credit for walking last night AND this morning. I bring my phone along to take pictures. Here is the one from last night.sunset sep 5

It was still about 80 degrees but better than the 93 earlier that afternoon. That’s very hot for our area. Adventures last night included seeing a bat, picking apples from trees near the road–one sour and one sweet. Also, we were stared down by a big black angus bull in a pasture by the road, with nothing between us and him but an old sagging fence. We kept our eyes down and tried not to look threatening as we hurried past. The view from this spot is fantastic. Here’s a picture of the view and part of the pasture. No, we didn’t try to get a picture of the bull! pasture and long view sep 5This morning, because I don’t have class until 12:40, I felt a little more relaxed about rushing off to the office, so we took the same walk, a mile mostly uphill, and then of course the easier mile downhill. My husband came along and I asked him to take a picture of me for this blog! walking down the roadAs you can see, we don’t exactly live in a crowded area. And not much traffic: this morning we were passed by two pickups and one car. The grasshoppers and crickets were buzzing and chipping away, but we didn’t hear many birds. At about 6:30 am and already 75 degrees outside! But the woods on either side of us breathed out cool, scented air.




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