off-road walking

On Friday after a horseback riding lesson my husband and I went on a short 30-minute walk in our own hayfield/cow pasture. The guy who leases the land has a herd of beef cows and a bull in the field, and they were spooked by us, so we didn’t go as far as we had planned. sept 7 endless field

We left the cows alone and walked across the street to a hay field owned by our neighbor.  In this field we saw lots of monarch butterflies, and in the scrubby ex-pasture next to it there were big patches of beautiful goldenrod, buzzing with honey bees. A gorgeous day! On Saturday we went to Sackets Harbor to cheer on my brother-in-law on his impressive triathalon. Swimming a mile, biking 25 miles, running 6 miles, for four hours or so on a breezy cool day. We whooped and hollered enthusiastically from the sidelines. We all went for pizza and ice cream afterward, but he was the only one who actually earned it! After we got home I went out with my nippers and spent two blissful hours in our woods working on walking/snowshoeing trails. Sept 8 trail work

Then yesterday I took a woods walk scouting out other places where older trails needed to be “refreshed”, and really just enjoying the woods. sept 9 woods walk dead elm

This is a tall dead elm tree that marks the start of one of the woods trails. It goes up a sharp incline where there are lots of apple trees and blackberry patches. I saw a big black and yellow orb-weaver spider sitting in the center of its web which was stretched across the trail, in time to go around it. Later I passed next to or under many apple trees, the ground covered with drops. Great for squirrels, chipmunks, deer and other critters. Plenty of apples still on the branch too for me to sample. dropped apples

Today I had to get to work early, so no time for a sunrise walk, although I did see the beginnings of the sunrise on the way in to town! It’s supposed to rain hard later, so we will see if I can fit a walk in.




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