yesterday the office won–renewed determination for today

Well, I can count the excuses, I mean, the reasons for not walking yesterday: it was chilly and rainy when I got home at 5:30 pm, gloomy, damp and cloudy outside. There was housework to do, beet soup to make, kittens to pet, supper to eat, and saxophone to practice. I had gotten up at 5:00 am not to walk but to prepare for classes, and got to the office by 6:00 am clutching my coffee travel mug and a breakfast sandwich from Stewart’s. I worked without pause until class got out at 2:20, and then could have gone for a walk–but instead I got another cup of coffee and relaxed (collapsed) in the comfy chair in my office. office

Here is the office, where I am again today getting ready for my 12:40 class. I’m pretty much ready for class now, after having gotten here at 7:30. So I am going out for a walk, just around the campus. I’ll time it– my high-tech way to measure a mile is to estimate 20-minutes for a mile. So here I go, let’s see how long a walk around this lovely (rainy) campus takes me. I’ll report back tomorrow!



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