It can be done…

with a little planning. Instead of launching into my day as usual I have to pause and ask myself when I can fit in a walk. If I just vaguely plan to and hope I’ll find a good time it will not happen, usually. Tuesday was really busy but I did manage a campus walk. It was only a 16 minute walk around a block at the edge of campus, but at least I got out there and walked. Then yesterday morning before leaving for the day I stopped and scheduled in a walk. It also has the benefit of giving me a treat to look forward to. The benefit of planning was that I ran back upstairs to grab a pair of comfy old walking pants to change into so I wouldn’t have to walk in my work clothes. We decided on the “kip trail” which was just perfect. It was a 30-minute walk on a wood chip trail through the woods. Here is the start of it:sept 12 walk start

And here is the trail–inviting, isn’t it!?sept 12 kip trail walk

It was a really nice day for walking in the woods–75 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm. There were hardly any bugs. Jogging students passed us a few times. So far, so good!




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