perimeter walk at dusk

On friday my week is done and I like to celebrate somehow: go see a movie in town, go out for ice cream, visit a friend, go out to eat. This past week we celebrated with a perimeter walk around our property. We got a late start so it was just about dark by the time we straggled out of the woods, and decided to walk the last leg on the road rather than stumble around in the dark woods. Earlier I had taken a picture of my shoes for fun. This is all the equipment I need to go on a walk–my beat up old walking shoes. walking shoes

The sunset and a sliver of moon accompanied us as we started out our walk. big sky with moon sept 14

Later on the sky briefly took a dramatic turn. amazing sunset sept 14

From there we went into the woods, along the eastern edge of the property, enjoying the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, stepping over fallen tree trunks, admiring colorful mushrooms and fungus, listening to an occasional squirrel, scaring up a grouse. By the time we got to the road the crickets and tree frogs were loud.

Yesterday (Saturday) I started out with good intentions to combine apple-picking with a short walk, but I got stabbed by a three-inch wicked sharp thornapple (hawthorne) thorn, and it bled like crazy (which is a good thing, to avoid infections). It didn’t really hurt that much but it took the wind out of my sails. Plus it was 85 degrees and that sun was HOT. I just decided to go home, take a shower, and hang out with the cats on the front porch, something I’m very good at!


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