unimpressive walk, impressive scenery

Yesterday was a Sunday but I spent most of it in my office getting ready for classes, so I didn’t get home until 6:15 pm. Without me even changing out of my skirt we left for a walk around the field across the road. It was less than a mile distance, but it still counts by my standards as a walk! It took us 20 minutes, and I have to say it was more ambling than marching. Sept 16 giant cloudUpon our return we met up with all four cats, the two elders and the two adolescents, who had come quite a way following us. We like to discourage that since it leaves them vulnerable to cars and hawks. So next time we will have to be sure they are shut in the house.

The day had been hot, but it had cooled down to the high 70s by the time we went into the field. To the west a huge towering white cloud hid the sun. Under our feet the field was full of flowers–clover, birdsfoot trefoil, black-eyed Susan, daisies, asters, goldenrod. sept 16 field flower

Today is supposed to be equally hot, and I plan on a somewhat longer walk but not until this evening.

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