weekend walking, making up for a lousy week!

Wow, work swamped me last week, so, let’s just not talk about it. I made up for it by doing some wonderful walks this weekend. On Saturday I went to a great two-mile walking path just outside of Watertown. I took my walking poles, since my plantar fascitis was acting up. Even with ibuprophen I was hobbling around all day. 20180922_145530_resized

This trail is an out and back, two miles one way so I logged four solid miles. There are signs announcing your progress every quarter mile, and benches! It is bordered with a solid wooden fence, and lined with wildflowers, shrubs, trees, and wetlands. Yes, you can hear traffic from the nearby road, but you can’t see it and that makes a difference.20180922_152517_resized

Halfway is a small lake which was covered with Canada geese.  20180922_161035

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, first day of autumn! Lots of people were on the trail: couples pushing strollers, friends chatting, whole families with small children in tow, lots of folks with dogs and a few bicyclists as well. Even with all that traffic, most of the time I was happily alone with the natural world. Here is a typical view on the non-road side of the trail:20180923_111134_resized

Then today, Sunday, I was going to just come here to the office to get ready for the week ahead, but then I looked at the photos a friend sent me–she is a wildlife photographer, and her pictures–wildflowers, a great blue heron, lakes, waterlilies–were so beautiful I decided to go somewhere before going to the office. I went to the nearby Indian Creek Nature Center, and walked about four miles through woods, along the edge of wetlands, over boardwalks, through clearings, dark cedar groves, overgrown apple orchards, and meadows. 20180923_105219_resizedHalfway along I found a handy bench and had the picnic lunch I brought: very healthy food from our town’s natural food store–oh, and coffee and a cookie, too! This nature center is located next to the Upper and Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area so it can get soggy–boardwalks are a frequent help for hikers. This has been a dry summer so it wasn’t even muddy.20180923_121739_resizedAfter I had been sitting quietly awhile at my lunch spot the woods near me came alive with red and grey squirrels, chipmunks, blue jays, and chickadees. Elsewhere I saw and/or heard northern flicker, crow, some kind of yellowish warbler, and a phoebe. Everywhere were beautiful sprays of fall flowers, especially dark purple and pale blue asters. 20180923_123015_resizedAt the end of the walk I finished my coffee sitting under a heavily-laden apple tree, before reluctantly getting back in the car to go to work.




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