When work gets in the way

or is it just not setting priorities? In my particular job I work flexible but very long hours during the teaching semester, and then lurch into the wonderful but disorienting long breaks in summer and winter. It takes some time to adjust each way, into and out of the semester. There’s no excuse for not exercising during those breaks, but it can be a real challenge scheduling even meals during the semester. I think it’s about two things that are related: one, setting the right priorities and 2. over-commitment, otherwise known as busyness, that national epidemic! Anyway, my goal is to put walking as high on my list of priorities as, say, coffee. Just as a day without coffee is inconceivable, I want a day without walking to be unthinkable. I am definitely not there yet, but that’s the goal!

It is hot today and I would have loved to walk early, but I didn’t get my grading or class prep done yesterday, so I got up early but not to walk. My plan is to walk this evening at sunset instead. Meanwhile, since a blog post without a photo is not as fun, here is a picture of me walking through a field on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, where we go in June each summer to hike.

Bruce Trip 2017 172.JPG

an idea…

The idea started last night as I lay in bed and thought to myself, it’s going to be too hot to walk tomorrow, unless I do it very early in the morning. I then thought, I’ll make a new blog called “sunrise chaser” and walk as often as I can at sunrise for a year. As I always do with my grand new plans and schemes,  I texted the idea to my sister, an avid hiker, who lives five hours away. She responded “we can do it together!” I thought about it more as I walked the mile up our road and back this morning, and decided “sunrise chaser” or “dawn chaser” was too restrictive–I just want to get into a habit of walking every day, whenever and wherever I can, long or short, fast or slow doesn’t matter. Also, it’s too poetic–I want this to be a plain old prosaic, ho-hum kind of habit and a ho-hum kind of blog.  cropped-sep-4-sunriseThis morning at 6:30 I snuck out quietly to keep the cats from following me. I was lucky to see a gorgeous sunrise at the top of the hill.

sep 4 sunrise looking north

Looking north over pastures. Part of the time I listened to “Two Steps from Hell” music on my phone with earphones. Part of the time I enjoyed the sounds of birds and frogs and grasshoppers. A school bus passed me, taking kids to the first day of school. I surprised a long-haired Siamese cat on mouse-hunting rounds. I smelled the punky cidery scent of wild apples that lay in carpets under trees, some eaten by deer, some picked by me for applesauce, but many rotting fragrantly and turning eventually into dirt again. My long, long shadow marched ahead of me on the road as I walked back home, the sun already hot on my back. Good start to the day!


eat healthy food, get enough sleep, move! Why is it so complicated to do these three supposedly simple things!? The simplest exercise I can think of is to put on walking shoes and head out my front door. So I’m going to do that, as often as possible, and write about it on my walking blog. Simple, right? We will see!