A New Bridge

After three years of construction, Letchworth State Park has a new bridge spanning the Genesee River. The old bridge from 1875 was deemed unsafe for train traffic, so it was removed and a new bridge installed. Local residents have been patiently waiting to see the replacement bridge, worried it might be ugly and modern. But we need not have worried. Voila!!


The river was swollen with the rains and water roared over the falls. Everyone loves the bridge, and Friday after school Todd and I grabbed a pizza and ate outdoors by the falls. Then, we began the climb: over 200 stone steps to the top of the bridge, which, of course, is off limits to pedestrians. Trains only for this bridge!


We are lucky to live close to the #1 State Park in the US.  Stop by if you ever get the chance! #nyhiking  #teacherswhohike.  Happy long weekend, everyone.

2 thoughts on “A New Bridge

  1. That river looks pretty wild. I can almost hear the roar. So I see you use hashtags. I’ve never figured out how to do that, but I think it really helps people find the blog. Did you simply add it to your post right in the text?


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