Finding Green Space

We visited our son this past weekend in Connecticut. It was great fun and terrific to see him, but the area is highly urbanized.  Everywhere I looked I saw sidewalks, buildings, highways, traffic, and more buildings! It only took 24 hours of that to make me long for some green space.  So Sunday morning Todd and I headed to a local park designed around an old stone mansion built in the 1860s.  We found trails through the woods edged with stone walls in various states of disrepair. I could only imagine how much work those walls took to construct.


But then I found something even more fun: a boardwalk! My sister’s favorite kind of trail. Naturally, I sent her a picture.


We walked for an hour, exploring meandering woodsy trails with lots of dog walkers and even a family having professional photos taken.  After taking in the peace (and a piece)  of nature, we headed out of the woods back to cement and blacktop grand central station.  Thank goodness for Departments of Park and Recreation around the country that preserve green spaces for nature lovers like us.

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