day three

I drove over in the late afternoon to Plumb Brook where there are many trails, but I didn’t stay long. It was really beautiful, but I just felt uneasy being out there alone. Wish I had a couple of big dogs with me–no reason for it, but I just couldn’t relax. So I took a few pictures, and went back home. Here’s the way in: dec 17 plumb brook track

birch trees had not let go of their leaves, and the soft brown color made a nice color contrast with the dark green of the pine trees. dec 17 birch leaves

Tilting the camera up I took a picture of the treetops–very tall trees, their tops swaying in a light breeze.dec 17 plumb brook treetops

And on the ground, one snowy pine cone:dec 17 plumb brook pine cone

Next time I will  bring someone along so I feel more comfortable, and explore the trails along here.

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