I’ve been having a great time out in the far pasture, where I did a lot of trail work. It’s almost done, a few more low branches to snip away. It’s roughly a figure eight with side loops and an open meadow in the middle to wander around in. The other day–Saturday–I went out on snowshoes for the first time this winter. And more snow is coming now, so I’ll go out again soon. jan 13 back tracks

I love the wide, funny tracks my snowshoes make.

jan 13 far pasture woods

It was a brilliant sunny day, with lots of fluffy new snow that dropped from branches onto my head every time I touched a tree! jan 13 snowy field

I wasn’t the only one out there making tracks–this is a deer track, across the meadow I traversed on my way home.jan 13 abandoned tractor

That meadow, across the road from us, is owned by our neighbor. We have permission to snowshoe, ski, hike, ramble, and pick apples and blackberries there. This abandoned old tractor in the middle of their field somehow looks picturesque.jan 13 sunny snow

This picture is taken standing in the middle of the far pasture looking south toward our house. jan 13 snowshoes

I love these modern snowshoes they make these days. So light, small, convenient. Hurray for winter!jan 13 snowshow path.JPG





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