A Walk a Day Keeps a Girl Busy!

Since acquiring a four-year-old English Spring Spaniel last month, Todd and I have walked every day at least once. Meet Fergie, our newest dog.


She doesn’t ever really walk. She springs! She leaps! She bolts! She pounces! She races! AND she wiggles that docked tail of hers whenever she is happy, which is most of the time.  My routine since Fergie came into our lives is to race home after my last class, find her waiting excitedly at the door, change into winter hiking attire and head out to walk her. We often go to state land nearby where she can run free.


Sometimes we go to a dead end road at the top of the hill and walk past corn fields and hunting land. I prefer this on sunny days when I need to see the blue sky and sunshine.


All I know is, life is good with a dog as a walking companion.  I’d write more, but Fergie wants to head out the door. See ya’ later!


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