Small Graces

Walking in winter affords fewer opportunities for viewing wildlife like songbirds who have flown south, or rabbits and fox, who stay hidden in thickets or dens. But there are still interesting patterns and colors in nature this time of year. You just have to use your imagination at times.


This shelf of turkey tail fungi are green, I think, from the wet conditions. If I imagine a shift in size, I can see cliffs instead of fungi.


And this 2-foot frozen waterfall could be…..Niagara Falls?  🙂


The power of frost to heave the ground. This ice formation reminds me of rock crystals.


Use your imagination to see the black cat sitting quietly in the middle of the tree. Can you see it?


Finally, one of my favorite “tunnels” on a hike in state land. With, of course, my favorite walking companion.  Happy hiking/skiing/snowshoeing, friends!  Don’t forget to use your imaginations!


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