Sunny and Snowy

When one owns a dog who needs exercise, one must walk. In the rain. In the sun. In the snow. In the heat of summer. In the sub-zero temps of winter. Even during a polar vortex, by golly!  And here is proof it can be done:


Nevermind you can’t see the dog in this picture. I assure you, she is there, somewhere in the woods, hopping through the snow looking for what, I do not know. Nothing dampens her spirits.


Not a blizzard…..


….not a polar vortex so cold even Letchworth State Parks’ Middle Falls partially freezes over……


….and certainly not the warm (balmy!) sunny weather of this afternoon. See me waving to you there?  And here is Fergie searching for squirrels to chase…..


And look at this rectangular hole made by a woodpecker. I have never seen one that was not rounded. Had to stop and take a picture.


Happy February everyone! Here’s to more hikes (or snowshoeing or skiing) in whatever Mother Nature brings our way.

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